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Tips for Your Car

In order for us to properly maintain your vehicle we adhere to the Maintenance Schedule the Manufacturer outline in your Owners Manual. However, there are exceptions to these which fall under Severe Usage, where scheduled maintenance and timelines do not coincide. What is considered Severe Usage is regular single trips under 7 kms in the Summer and 14 kms in the Winter.

Some people are concerned with engine oils. Of all the engine oil we sell, 90% is synthetic, and the SAE grade remains the same seasonally. That is how good synthetics are now.

Something we have discovered quite some time ago is the value of your OWNERS MANUEL. Reading it not only gives you’re a much greater understanding of the operation of your Vehicle, may embarrassing questions have been avoided by doing so.

It is recommended that once your Vehicle is out of its warranty period that you have it looked at twice a year to ensure basic maintenance is preformed. No one likes to have unexpected breakdowns when they could have been routine maintenance.

A.C season seems to arrive very quickly, as does the rush to have related repairs done. Please check to see it is working before the season is upon us to avoid ‘standing in line ‘syndrome. There is nothing worse than telling you we cannot look after you until…….

Oxygen Sensors, or O2 sensors, are the most important emissions control devises in the fuel management system. They have a defined life span, as do Spark Plugs. Paying attention to there service intervals will save fuel and consequently extend the life of the Catalytic Converters.

Washing your car with a proper Auto Wash will protect the finish of your car. Be no means should you use a common household cleaner or Dish Soap. These have strong chemicals that will damage painted and plastic surfaces.